Our development to Artemis Awards and Apparel

Our development to Artemis Awards and Apparel

Since 2020, we have owned and operated Trophy World in Mentor, Ohio, and since 2022, we have owned and operated Minotas Awards in Highland Heights. The combination of these locations have allowed us to service Northeast Ohio with operational efficiencies and space to invest in our equipment. Over
the last three years, we have brought all of our services in-house, allowing us to offer rapid turnover times and maintain high quality expectations.

Just as our operations have combined, we have combined the brands of both locations under the name Artemis Awards and Apparel. This unity will enable us to maintain consistent messaging among all our valued customers. Additionally, we are poised to increase investment into community-based advertising. Finally, our websites will eventually merge to awardsandapparel.com.

Our intention is to avoid any change in your experience and for you to largely not notice the new brand. Instead, we will remain steadfast in our efforts to provide exceptional service and to continue to improve. Our ownership group is not going anywhere, and our wonderful staff continues to grow.

The new business name represents our intention to be on point in all that we do. Artemis is the Goddess of archery and nature. They say she had perfect aim, never once missed. We know we can’t be perfect, but our goal is to always come through, no matter what it takes. We found Artemis to be an exceptional symbol of what we try to live up to.

We look forward to the years to come, and we welcome your feedback. Feel invited to voice any questions or concerns at any time.

Thank you for your business!


Ben, Charlie, and Joe of Artemis Awards and Apparel

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