No Dropshipping - Why?

No Dropshipping - Why?

Drop shipping is selling products while using a third-party vendor to produce and ship the products directly to the end customer when ordered.

There are many positives to drop shipping like low inventory requirements, low overhead, and a variety of product offerings.

However, with all these positives, we have determined that not seeing the products before the customer is reason enough to never drop ship. Without the ability to ensure quality and that the order is correct, there is no way we can ensure the products are to our standards. There is no guarantee the staff of the drop shipper has the same attention to detail or care for the final produce as us. Also, drop shipping adds a layer of cost that ultimately gets passed onto the final customer.

Instead, we have invested in a variety of apparel decoration equipment to produce nearly every type of apparel customization under our review and completely in house, helping to maintain competitive prices. While this approach is upfront-cost-heavy, it ensures we can continue to be the exception in product quality, not the norm.

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